Justin Gable

What’s for dinner? Braaaaaaiiinss!!

So with all the games coming out this holiday season, deciding which ones to purchase now, and which ones to wait 6 months till they drop below $30 was difficult. I already bought Fable 2 (just finished the main story line last night… a little disappointed) and what I was in need of was a multiplayer title as COD4, though still fun, is getting a little stale. That immediately ruled out Dead Space and Banjo-Kazooie (sue me, I want a platformer) and all that was left was COD:W@W, GoW2 and Left 4 Dead.

I played the COD beta and though it was somewhat enjoyable, I couldn’t justify spending $60 on yet another WWII game. Since I wasn’t a big fan of the original Gears multiplayer the decision was easy.

The demo has been a blast to play, even though it’s only about 20 minutes long, it never gets dull. Now, if all my friends come to the same conclusion I’ll be in good shape this holiday season.

L33t Lazer Tag

This last weekend I helped my dad clean out his garage in preparation to getting new flooring put in and I came across this little gem:

Does anyone else remember that place? It was one of the first lazer tag arenas around (I only think it was in the late 80′s). I remember going with my dad and uncle and how so incredibly awesome it all was. They had lazer lights, fog machines and loud music along with a giant suspended scoreboard with your codename on it… what 80′s born 8 year-old kid wouldn’t go ape crap over that? Here’s the commercial:

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EDIT: I believe the one we had was around Clovis and Ashlan

Site Launch: Northpointe Church

Last week we launched our most recent project for Northpointe Church, so I figured I’d share some before and after shots and explain some of the cool things we did.

This project was a blast to work on, Paul (our contact at Northpointe) was/is really awesome and easy to work with, and the project went very smoothly (aside from having to wait a good 2 1/2 weeks to get control of the domain name). Going into the project Paul laid out some basic requirements for the site:

  • clean-minimal-ish look & feel
  • straight forward navigation
  • event calendar
  • blogs for each of the pastors
  • simple content management
  • ability to stream and archive sermons



The site is running on WordPress and is stuffed full of our custom plugins (you can see our custom backend in the screenshot above). Some of our other plugins that we added or wrote specifically for this project:

  • Event calendar * (allows for simple output wigitized calendars)
  • Homepage manager * (for easy management of various elements on the homepage)
  • Site navigation controls (Page Order, Page Visibility)
  • Flash player injection * (uses shortcode API and SWFobject to insert and render flash videos and audio w/o the need to paste in html)
  • Ajax contact forms *
  • Custom backend skin *
  • Custom Admin Manager *

* This plugin was written entirely or in large majority by us

Lookie what just arrived

Ok, don’t have time to write anything, must get to tearing this box open. See ya later!